Terms of use

Service - site services mega.dp.ua, providing the ability to upload and download files to any visitor.
Administration - Service owners, authors and staff.
Visitor - guest of the site who downloaded the file.
User - site visitor who uploaded the file.
Personal file - a file downloaded with a password, the Visitor cannot download this file.
Public file - a file downloaded without a password, the Visitor can download this file without restriction.
  1. Terms of Use
    1. The service is intended for storing Personal and Public files of Users.
    2. Maximum file upload size 100 GB (102400 MB).
    3. Shelf life of files from before 25 days. Service reserves the right to change the file retention period.
    4. Services are provided "as is". The service is not responsible for possible malfunctions and the safety of Users files, but will do everything possible to avoid malfunctions of the site and data safety. Also, the Service is not responsible for the possible consequences of the use of Users files.
    5. Current rules are subject to change at any time without prior notice.
  2. Files are prohibited on the service:
    1. Prohibited or contrary to law in your country.
    2. Files promoting violence, drugs, etc.
    3. Malicious files (viruses, trojans, etc.), hacking programs, key generators, license keys, cheat files on social networks and other files of dubious content.
  3. Public files prohibited:
    1. Designed to deceive visitors (fakes) in which the contents of the file differ from the description and name.
    2. Content that is the subject of copyright of 3 persons or copying, which is prohibited by the owner of the original.
    3. Password or encrypted (use the password on the service when downloading the file).
    4. Empty, useless, only with links to other resources, affiliate programs, etc.
    5. Files for the promotion or advertising of third-party sites, organizations or other persons. Except when files are used for business purposes.
    6. Erotic content.
  4. A responsibility
    1. The user is fully responsible for the contents of the downloaded file through the Service.
    2. The consequences of the actions of User files downloaded by the Visitor and launched on the computer are born only by the Visitor and the files are launched at your own risk.
    3. Administration and Service are not responsible for how users use files.
    4. Any Visitor or User has the right send complaint the administration of the service to the file, indicating the essence of the complaint and any other important information about the file.
    5. The administration reserves the right to delete the public file of the User without warnings and notifications for ethical reasons.
    6. The administration reserves the right to delete the User’s file without warning or notification at the request of the copyright holders and law enforcement agencies..
    7. The administration reserves the right to delete the User’s file without warnings and notifications if it violates these rules.
    8. At the request of law enforcement authorities, the Administration can send all known information about the User.
    9. For users who repeatedly violate these rules, access may be blocked.
    10. All deleted files cannot be recovered.

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